Client Spotlight: SERVE Inc.


Kyle had the opportunity to swing in and visit our friends at SERVE in Fulton, Missouri last week. While we love learning all the latest in transit news through shows, studies and experts in the field, there’s no replacement for the chance to visit all the incredible clients we have throughout North America and learn from their operations, employees and customers.

At SERVE, Inc we believe that when we all work together, our efforts can make a huge difference in the world. Our motto “One SERVE One Mission” means just that! It takes everyone working together to complete our solitary mission of serving others! Join us in order to make an impact and bring about change in Callaway County.
— The SERVE Mission

SERVE embodies their mission in every single detail of their operations. From their name to their programs to those happy faces above, the folks at SERVE have clearly built their non-profit on a foundation of compassion and a strong desire to serve their community.


Their transportation arm is called SERVE Tran. They have a fleet of nine wheelchair-equipped buses and two vans, and operate as their county’s public transportation company. They provide an average of 3,000 one-way trips per month and travel over 22,000 miles per month.

Kyle got the chance to sit down with one of SERVE’s drivers, Bruce, who showed him how he uses ParaPlan on the iPad and gave us a lot of insight into the ways we can continue to improve ParaPlan to help our partners succeed.

We’re so grateful we get to partner with an organization like SERVE. They’re such an inspiration in the transit field, exemplifying how to run a transit company that puts riders first and strengthens its community!