Save money with all-in-one scheduling, dispatching & routing software for NEMT and Paratransit.

The ParaPlan Mission

Let's bring communities closer together through smarter transit.

We believe that the freedom of mobility should be a right guaranteed to all. That belief inspired us to design a solution that creates a seamless, enjoyable and empowering experience for everyone involved - agency, dispatcher, driver and rider.

Customer Success Comes First

We exist to help our clients become more successful. This has always been our cornerstone.


Accessibility for Everyone

We believe that everyone deserves the independence and accessibility that public transportation provides. We built ParaPlan with the dignity and empowerment of your riders in mind.


Innovate for the Greater Good

We believe that public transit is an integral part of a healthy, thriving community, and we innovate to help transit agencies serve their communities efficiently.


In it Together

We strive to form partnerships with the agencies we work with. Together, we are creating healthier, happier and more connected communities.