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Cut waste, simplify operations and keep your riders happy with an all-in-one software solution built for Paratransit and NEMT.


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Your all-in-one solution,
from intake to invoice.

Running a transportation business can be challenging, especially when you're required to be efficient with limited resources while managing so many working parts. ParaPlan simplifies every piece of this puzzle, making your operations more efficient, and everyone involved happier.


Speedy for
your dispatchers

Drag and drop interface
Route recommendations
Real-time trip status updates
Just-in-time schedule warnings
Filtering tools for precision
Powerful universal search
Interactive mapping


Easy for

your drivers

Turn-by-turn directions
Automatic odometer tracking
Comprehensive dashboard view
Instant trip change notifications
Multiple fare collection options
Digital signature capture
Real-time ETA


Empowering for

your riders

Multiple invoicing options
Maximum client ride time settings
Driver assignments and pickup times
Real-time vehicle location updates
Accessibility information storage
Open API for 3rd party apps
Phone call reminders


Enlightening for

your operations

NTD and FTA reporting
Integration with Medicaid brokers
Flexible, powerful reporting system
Infinite data aggregation possibilities
Real-time fleet status with ParaPlan Live
Trip audit reports with signatures
White label options


Comforting for
your geeks

Offline support
Native iOS apps
Automatic updates
Backup to multiple off-sites
Industry standard SSL
Data hosting on AWS
Open API


Human-friendly software


Leave behind the frustrations of clunky, complicated software. Simplify your business with intuitive software built specifically for Paratransit and NEMT. Enjoy unparalleled support so you'll never have unanswered questions again. 


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