ParaPlan Server update

ParaPlan Server is our behind-the-scenes workhorse that does all the data translation and communication with our various partners. Today we pushed out an update with a few small changes.

You can now change any part of a trip and it will update on your Mentor Ranger MDT. It used to be that we would dismiss any changes if the client was already on the bus. We've seen some situations where the trip needs to be changed and now we fully support that.

Occasionally, our Zonar worker would lose its connection to the server. We made it smarter about reconnecting and added more logging so we can see exactly what causes the disconnect in the first place.

We are also pushing out updates to other products today:

ParaPlan Mobile is getting signature capture.

ParaPlan Desktop got a faster Scheduling Canvas and support for viewing signatures captured by our iOS app.

ParaPlan REST had a bunch of code rewritten that is going to allow for huge speed improvements in the future.