Update for ParaPlan REST

ParaPlan REST is our web interface to the database for ParaPlan Mobile for iOS. We made quite a few internal improvements that makes the code much easier to maintain and much easier to add features.

We've changed how the devices talk to the server. Now when a device logs on, it will be handed a url that it will before its calls against. This will allow us to quickly change endpoints if need be and will also allow us to remove a database call that each request incurred when the request was searching for the correct database. This will speed up each call and gets rid of the cross-pollination issue we were seeing when the server was overloaded.

We are also pushing out updates to other products today:

ParaPlan Mobile is getting signature capture.

ParaPlan Desktop got a faster Scheduling Canvas and support for viewing signatures captured by our iOS app.

ParaPlan Server allows trips to be changed when in progress on Mentor Rangers and smarter Zonar connections.