ParaPlan Desktop v4.1.617.11125

Today we released an update to our desktop software. The highlights of this version include support for viewing signatures captured in ParaPlan Mobile for iOS and dramatic speed improvements in Scheduling Canvas.

We found some bottlenecks and bugs in Scheduling Canvas. We sped up how it refreshes in the background and made it much smarter about only refreshing data that actually changed.

Right-clicking on a trip and clicking "View Trip Stream" will provide a detailed chain of custody for a trip, including the client signature from ParaPlan Mobile for iOS.

We made some changes to Billing to better handle past due balance calculations.

We made some client-requested manifest and report changes.

We fixed some grammatical issues ("1 trips" - how embarrassing).

We are also pushing out updates to other products today:

ParaPlan Mobile is getting signature capture.

ParaPlan Server allows trips to be changed when in progress on Mentor Rangers and smarter Zonar connections.

ParaPlan REST had a bunch of code rewritten that is going to allow for huge speed improvements in the future.