How to create a geofence from GPX


We are almost done with a feature in ParaPlan Desktop that will allow route planners to set up geofences around their routes to keep them working in a specific area of town. In preparation for that, we have added support for direct importing of GPX files to create the geofences.

Here is a quick tutorial:

  1. On the sidebar, click All Elements, then Zones.
  2. In the Zone Finder, click New Zone. A blank zone window will open up.
  3. Open a web browser and navigate to
  4. Click the Track button on the right-side toolbox.
  5. Click on the map to create the geofence. Be sure to circle back to the first point and click it to complete the shape.
  6. Click the GPX button on the right-side toolbox. This will generate a link to a GPX file that can be downloaded to the computer.
  7. Back to ParaPlan and the new Zone window, click Bulk Lat/Long insert, then click Import GPX file. Select the file that was downloaded in step 6.
  8. Label the new Zone.
  9. Click Save and Close.

Route planners can now assign routes to the Zone, and ParaPlan will only schedule trips in that area to that route.