Create simple geofences based on city

Screenshot 2014-05-21 22.34.43.png
Screenshot 2014-05-21 22.34.43.png

In our last post, we talked about creating complex geofences by drawing on a map and how that will keep routes working in a specific location. As a simpler alternative we also support geofences based on a city.

Simply create a new zone called “City of Gaffney” and that will keep any routes that are assigned to that zone working only in that city. A common workflow would be to have several routes assigned to the “City of Gaffney” zone that would do all the in-city trips and then several additional routes that are not assigned to any zone that would be eligible to perform the trips that go out of the city limits.

A slightly more complicated example would be the Greenville metro where there are urban and suburban cities. For these cases, we support zones with multiple cities. An agency in this area would have zones that looked like:

“City of Greenville, Mauldin,Simpsonville, Fountain Inn” - This would take people from the south side to downtown.

“City of Greenville, Powdersville, Easley” - This would bring people in from the west side.

“City of Greenville, Taylors, Greer”  - This would cover all the east side trips.

“City of Greenville, Travelers Rest” - This would be for trips to and from the north side of town.

This feature is an easy way to keep vehicles working in the same place, where they are most familiar, instead of spreading them all over the service area. This is good for the drivers and a good way to save on gas.