Will prices or business arrangements change?

No. Your current price will remain the same. All terms of doing business remain unchanged. Like always, if you upgrade your product line, prices will increase based on the schedule in your existing contract.

Will existing payment methods change?

No. If you pay monthly via ACH or credit card, you will continue to do so. If you pay invoices monthly or yearly, we will provide you with a new address in the near future. However, if you want to convert to ACH or credit card at any time, email Tim and he will get you setup right away.

Will ParaPlan customers get the same level of support as they currently have?

Yes. Brett will continue to handle support. Soon, you will have access to Passio’s 24/7 support, as well. Your contacts will remain the same and you can expect continuity of service both during and after this acquisition. By joining Passio, we will be able to increase our focus on customer success with the additional resources and capabilities we now have.

Will ParaPlan (the software) still exist in a year?

Yes! ParaPlan the software won’t be going anywhere. This acquisition serves to integrate two complementary solutions so that we can better serve any size and any type of transportation agency, not to replace one solution with another.

Is the software going to change?

Yes, and this is the exciting part! While your ParaPlan apps will continue to deliver all the same performance and capabilities you’re used to, we’ll also be adding new features, support for Android, fixed route integration, web apps, vehicle hardware options and more. Our goal has always been to deliver the most features possible in the simplest interface, and that will continue to drive the direction of all future development.

When can we expect to see updates and new product features?

Right away. Expanding our product offering so that we can best serve you is a day one priority. Tim will be working with the Passio development team to prioritize development direction, but you can expect to see new features faster than ever before.

What does this mean for ParaPlan, the company?

Kyle and Tim will be joining the executive team of Passio Technologies. Passio will retain all ParaPlan employees and the company’s offices in Kansas City and Greenville to ensure continuity of service to all ParaPlan customers and to accelerate the development of new features.

Why are you joining the Passio family?

Since our founding in 1999, we’ve taken pride in our slow and steady growth and our intentional choice to specialize in one niche of the transit industry. We consider our small size a benefit, as it has allowed us to develop personal connections with our customers. These relationships have given us a deep understanding of the paratransit and NEMT industries over the past 20 years, without which we could not have built our unparalleled on-demand software solution. Your feedback and feature requests have guided the direction of ParaPlan Software since the beginning.

Passio Technologies operates in much the same way. Like us, they have focused their area of expertise on one segment of the transit industry. Their full suite of transit technology provides a comprehensive solution for fixed route transportation providers. They share our belief that mobility should be a right guaranteed to all. To accomplish this, they utilize the smartest technology to create a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone involved - from operations to drivers to riders.

By joining forces, we’ll be able to take that vision a step further, combining ParaPlan’s on-demand products with Passio’s fixed route technology to provide the most comprehensive transit technology solution in the industry.

Who is Passio Technologies?

Passio Technologies provides innovative, customizable transit and parking solutions coupled with user-friendly, industry-leading technology and reporting. They develop and support technology solutions that provide onboard passenger counting and validation, GPS location services, a customer experience solution, and a full reporting suite. Learn more about all of the Passio intelligent transit technology solutions here. Keep an eye on our blog the next few weeks as we introduce you to the Passio team and products!

Do you still have questions that haven’t been answered? Email Tim or Kyle to get in touch.