ParaPlan Desktop is built using Microsoft .NET and Microsoft SQL Server technology.

ParaPlan Cloud is powered by Amazon Web Services.

ParaPlan Mobile is build using Xcode and is available on the App Store.

These three foundations of the ParaPlan System have allowed us to quickly integrate with Medicaid brokerages.

ParaPlan Medicaid Broker Integration

ParaPlan supports digital ride data provided from Medicaid brokers in their native CSV format. These files can be imported directly into ParaPlan for immediate use. ParaPlan will import the data, create rides and clients based on that day’s imported trips. ParaPlan is always ready to batch schedule the rides imported from Medicaid brokers. Simply click the “Autoschedule” at the top of the Unscheduled Bin and each trip is sent into the EnGraph Advanced Scheduling Engine (EASE) for routing. Then after your rides have been performed and reconciled, ParaPlan generates your invoices automatically.

ParaPlan Zonar Integration

No more tedius handwriting of actual pick-up and drop-off timestamps. Using Zonar's AVL database, ParaPlan can determine actual times and mileage reconciliation for each ride without driver interaction. Our algorithm compares ParaPlan data against actual Zonar vehicle data to generate on-time performance and revenue statistics automatically.

New Partners

New partners coming soon! Twilio and DoubleMap