ParaPlan Software is the perfect answer for your Paratransit or NEMT scheduling problem. It’s specifically designed for smaller transit. Since 2000, ParaPlan has been helping these agencies serve more clients. When you buy ParaPlan, you also get the transit expertise of the EnGraph Software team. We’ve been in business supporting and learning about demand-response practices for 17 years. We want to know you, your staff and your operation in detail.

Client Intake Done Right

Use ParaPlan’s Smart Search Sidebar to find the exact rider you need, fast.  Each upcoming reservation is displayed on the left for quick access. See each rider’s entire historical snapshot, special needs and funding sources instantly. Never miss anything again.

Scheduling Goes Interactive

The ParaPlan Scheduling Canvas is a brand new way to experience your service day. Layout your routes as you see fit and drag and drop trips where they need to go. View each route on an interactive map and quickly print your manifests. Add the auto-scheduling module to let ParaPlan do the hard work.

Understand Your Service

ParaPlan is built on Microsoft SQL Server. Our reporting services place that power into your hands. See your ridership, operational trends, billing and funding stream data in seconds. Gain insight with on-time reporting, then save time preparing NTD and FTA reports because we’ve already done them for you.

Booking Made Simple

Taking a reservation in ParaPlan Desktop is a snap. Use previous bookings to make new ones or quickly turn it into a recurring ride. Add the auto-scheduling module and let us pick the best route while you’re still on the phone. Improve service by giving riders times in advance.

Dispatch Your Way

Our Dispatch View is interactive and easy to follow. Trips change color as they are dispatched, picked up and dropped off. Easily select groups of trips, sort the list and apply powerful filters to see what you need.

Invoicing from Within

Save crucial time getting paid for your service. Our Invoicing and Payments module can replace your complex billing system like QuickBooks. Assign multiple costs to your rides and prepare invoices for individual clients or programs. Track pre-payments and account status directly within ParaPlan. [/wpcol_1half_end]