Update to ParaPlan iOS 1.4.5

We just updated our iOS version of ParaPlan to version 1.4.5. 

View trips for future dates:



This allows drivers to view their scheduled trips for tomorrow (or any day for that matter). On the iPhone, touch settings, then touch on Manifest date change the manifest date. Drivers can also long-press on the date to toggle between Today and Tomorrow. On the iPad, there is a Change Date on the front screen. Touch that to select from a drop down calendar.

When viewing a date other than today, drivers cannot perform actions on any trips. The date is also displayed is the navigation bar. Drivers can leave the app and it will remember which date was selected for up to three hours. After three hours of not using the app, the date will reset to today.

See City and State of a stop by long pressing the stop:



To quickly see the city and state of a stop, long press the stop and the popup action menu will display the city and state.

Support for Dynamic Type:

Dynamic Type is a new accessibility feature released with iOS 7 that allows text to be displayed in a larger font to make for easier reading. Go to Settings.app to select the desired font size. Switch back to ParaPlan and all text will be displayed in the new font.

Visual indication of wheelchair clients:



Clients that have a wheelchair or clients that require a wheelchair equipped van now have their names displayed in red. This makes it simple for drivers to take a quick glance at their eManifest to know what to expect when pulling up to a pick up location.

Route confirmation screen:



After logging in, the driver is greeted with a summary of their work date. It tells them the route (or routes) they are assigned to, the vehicle (or vehicles) that they will be driving, the first pick up time and the last drop off time and the number of stops they need to perform. The summary will countdown and automatically dismiss after 10 seconds. The driver can also click “View eManifest” to dismiss the summary. To stop the countdown, the driver can touch anywhere on the summary to stop the countdown timer. This is handy if the driver sees something in the summary that doesn’t look right.

Other Improvements:

When scrolling down on the stop list, the status bar and navigation bar are hidden to show more stops at a single time. Scroll all the way to the top to see the status and navigation bar.

The login screen has been improved. It is cleaner and faster.

Long client comments show up better and do not shrink so small that a magnifying glass is required.

When looking at routes, the vehicle number is displayed in parentheses - Blue AM (54)

We fixed a bug that caused permissions to not to take immediate impact. No more killing the app so the correct buttons are displayed. We are still not sure why people found that to be so annoying.