Version 1.1 of ParaPlan now available in the App Store

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ParaPlan Mobile for iOS is the best complimentary driver paratransit or NEMT (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation) app for iPhone or iPad. It seamlessly connects to the ParaPlan database to allow drivers to see their digital manifest. Changes made in the field are reflected on the dispatchers screen in a matter of seconds. 

We recently updated the version to 1.1. Here are the new features available.

Demo mode - Test the app and see exactly how well it will fit in your operation.

iPad love - All screens take advantage of bigger iPad screen. Also many smaller screens are displayed as popovers or form sheets.

Reminders - Get notified 30 minutes before a stop to make sure you leave on time. Or schedule a notification to make sure you remember to mark the stop as performed. Or both. Schedule multiple notifications up to 24 hours in advance of a stop. Any stop that has a reminder gets a neat little badge on the manifest screen.

Navigation - Click Get Directions on any place to launch Maps to get turn-by-turn directions. Choose in settings which mapping provider to use.

Badge icons - Your front screen will show how many stops are left on your manifest.

Swipe to perform - Swiping left or right on a stop will reveal the most likely action for that stop. Either Arrive, Perform or Undo (we all make mistakes).

Geofencing - This saves your battery life if you haven't moved in a while.

Sounds - Click sounds, confirmation sounds, notification sounds. All the audio feedback you desire. Unless that's not your sort of thing, then you can turn them all off.

Confirmation alerts - Those can now be turned off as well.

Pull to refresh - All screens have the standard Apple pull to refresh tear drop.

Lots of other polishing, tinkering and bug fixing. Our developers and testers worked really hard on this update. We really hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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