A fresh coat of paint

Blue splash

Welcome to the new EnGraph.com!

We have teamed up with the fine folks over at AnsenCreative and are very happy to take the covers off this project and show the world what have been up to. We built this site around WordPress, which means we can easily put up blog posts. We've been currently using our Facebook page to do this. AnsenCreative was able to structure the website in a way where we can highlight our software and quickly provide information to prospective clients.

This is our first major redesign in three years and while our company focus has remained on software for small paratransit and NEMT providers, much more has changed. 

  • We hired Brett as our full time software supporter, report wrangler and implementation champion. 
  • We moved to a new office in Lenexa. We love having visitors. Here are a couple panoramas of our bullpen and our conference room
  • We heard there was going to be a tablet explosion and wow, they were right. Everybody has an iPad and everybody wants ParaPlan running on it. So we released our iPad app. We also built the app in way that it could run on iPhones for agencies that are BYOD. We even made it smart enough to not need a constant data connection. This allows paratransit or NEMT providers to get iPod Touch's for a couple hundred dollars a vehicle and have a true paperless, digital manifest with zero recurring monthly charges.
  • We released ParaPlan Cloud. We host the data and clients can access ParaPlan from any computer with an internet connection. Perfect for providers that don't have on-site servers or IT staff. With ParaPlan Cloud, we were able to structure a monthly SaaS option. For just under $400 per month (!!), clients can be up and running with ParaPlan. Remote training is included in this price and the agency gets unlimited users, unlimited vehicles and unlimited trips. Since everything is done over the internet, we can get an agency up and running very quickly. We've turned these projects around in just a couple of days.

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